The diversity of the terroirs, as well as a suitable grape variety, give rise to wines of character, complex and with very specific taste qualities.

The richness of these terroirs, combined with the mild climate favors the development of round, very fruity red wines with graceful tannins.

It is also the land of choice for sweet wines, Cadillac and Loupiac, rich and delicate wines made from very ripe Semillons and concentrated by the magic of noble rot.

If the domain dates back to the beginning of the 18th century, the GILLET family has operated it since 1880 and from generation to generation, the decades have not worn out their attachment to the land.

With its exceptional location, at the top of the hills, on the gritty rumps and clay-limestone hills overlooking CADILLAC and the Garonne valley, the 20 ha property enjoys a microclimate that gives its wines a remarkable quality.

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The original Cadillac called a controlled name was born in 1973 in the First Côtes de Bordeaux where only a few plots of vines, the most conducive to a healthy and homogeneous botrytization of grapes, are dedicated to this delicious nectar.

Cadillac’s territory spans 22 towns on the right bank of the Garonne river south of Bordeaux (from Baurech to Saint-Maixant). Perched on generally steep hillsides, the vines are exposed to the warm sun of the southern slope. The soils are gritty or clay-limestone. The pebbles and the slope provide excellent drainage.

The territory of Cadillac is a great sweet wine obtained from the “noble rot” caused by botrytis cinerea, microscopic fungus. To grow, it requires ripe grapes and specific climatic conditions.


Formerly known as the “First Côtes de Bordeaux”, the name CADILLAC-COTES DE BORDEAUX is located at the top of the hills overlooking Bordeaux where Ausone sees “the vineyards leaning over the Garonne with moving waters… ». Already, when Bordeaux was called Burdigala, the Romans planted their famous “biturica” on these hillsides where the vines like to grow.

It is from this vineyard that descending the Garonne on gabares, these wines, being confirmed by Edward III “the privilege of Bordeaux wines”, were the first to conquer the Kingdom of England. From the commune of Bassens, at the gates of Bordeaux, to Saint-Maixant, the region of the First Côtes de Bordeaux runs along the right bank of the Garonne for about sixty kilometers. The thin tongue of earth, which never exceeds 5 km in width, is a meandering mountain range of hills interspersed with valleys.


Loupiac is the smallest of the appellations producing sweet white wines. We grow a vineyard that benefits from its location on a slope exposed to the south, overlooking the Garonne, facing the mouth of the Ciron.

This microclimate creates an alternation of morning mist and sunshine that promotes the formation of noble rot (botrytis cinirea) on the Semillion in autumn. The increase in the concentration of sugar juice is accompanied by a reduction in the volume of “roasted” grains by mould, which explains the rarity and quality of this sweet white wine.


Produced on our coasts, the upper red Bordeaux, Bordeaux Blanc sec and Bordeaux rosé are appreciated for their taste qualities and their excellent value for money.

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